1. D

    What are you lot using for batons?

    The plained 2x1 over here is junk. Thoughts onr 2"lengths from ply or something?
  2. L

    Preparation Marine plywood floor for tiles

    Hi all, I hope you're all well. Is it ok to tile on to a marine ply floor? If not, what sub floor are people using over joists these days. Thank you
  3. C

    What sub base for tiles

    Hi. I'm after some advise. I am shortly going to be ripping out water damaged patchy chipboard flooring in our utility room. We have purchased the floor tiles ready for this. Can I use 25mm WBP ply fixed to the joists with noggins on the ends and tile straight to this or is this wrong. Any...
  4. S

    Floor advice please - ply or marine?

    Hi, I have newly built shell of an extension and we are just starting first fix plumbing. The floor joists are in place but my builder and plumber seem to have a difference of opinion on the flooring for the bathroom. The builder says the green coated 18mm ply is sufficient, whilst the...
  5. J

    quick question about tiling on ply

    Hi I've just laid my hardiebacker down ready for my floor. As advised a short while ago. But I got it ok to tile upon plywood (6mm) if you can cover the entire area to be tiled with one sheet of ply with no joins Is it the joins between sheets that cause the problems?
  6. Y

    Wetroom advice on my process.

    Hi all, My wetroom is going to be refurbished after my impey tray failed after 10 years. Wetroom is 2m x 3m. Existing Wetroom: I have decided to remove the whole floor, but leave the walls where the sink and radiator is. However, the bottom row of tiles from these 2 walls will be...
  7. G

    Preparation Ditra over SLC over ply over ply

    (I know similar questions have been posted before but they're closed for follow up questions) I have a 1930s house where I'm renovating the bathroom - a complete refit that includes removing all the squeaky, somewhat rotten (in places), but crucially not-level floorboards and replacing them with...
  8. C

    No More Ply for laying 600x300 porcelain

    Hello, I am planing on using no more ply over my existing 18mm flooring to lay 600x300 porcelain tiles. Would there be any benefit in laying 2 layers of the 6mm no more ply to create 12mm covering. Will this make the floor stronger or is the 6mm enough. The joist are 8x2 at 16inch...
  9. J

    Preparation Backer board or ply or both?

    I'm about to tile a bathroom floor with 600 x 300mm tiles, my plan was 18mm ply ontop of 22mm chipboard using a flexible adhesive and grout! The chipboard is what's on the floor just now...What's the thinnest backer board I could use todo this??
  10. J

    Insulated cement boards over ply

    Hello all. I have a it ok to screw insulated cement board (marmox type board) to a stud wall that is lined with 12mm ply? I've knocked down an old solid bathroom wall and replaced it with a stud wall. My building control guy has said that the new stud wall needs to be structural...
  11. R

    Water UFH No more ply (NMP) or Hardiebacker over wet UFH

    Hi, I am replacing a tiled floor and will need to overlay with 6mm backer board. This is on top of 15mm ply over wet UFH in dry screed. I need a backer board with the highest k-value (lowest R-value). So far from the data sheet 6mm hardiebacker has a k-value of 0.19W/mK. Does anyone know...
  12. C

    18mm WBP ply prior to tiling

    I’ve bought 18mm WBP ply for the bathroom to fix directly to the joists and got noggins every 400mm. Is this base ok to tile onto with flexible adhesive and grout? It’s having electric UFH too. The reason I went for 18mm is because it’s 18mm floorboards running to it at the door threshold. Thanks
  13. Chris Churchill

    No More Ply and Wedi Alternatives

    Hey all, So I'm about to start working on a wetroom project on my first floor (and am not interested in UFH). Naturally, this is currently timber floorboards - which are in good nick, however, in a previous thread, someone posted that I should remove these and place 22mm NMP down directly onto...
  14. S

    Tiling on smart ply.......

    Hi all. I am about to start and job and the Tiles are 200 x 100 ceramics. They are asking me to tile directly onto smart ply. What would be your recommend prep. I am thinking tile master prime and grip followed by white star or ultra slow set white adhesive. I am fully aware that over boarding...
  15. D

    15mm ply on bathroom floor

    I've discovered the existing bathroom floor is only 15mm ply. I believe this is thinner than regulation requires. The adjoining chip board on the landing appears to be slightly thicker. The previous owner had laid cheap tiles directly on the ply which, to their credit, hadn't cracked in 4 years...
  16. cummer12

    Laying stone onto ply

    What’s people’s views on laying trav onto a 12mm ply? Using ditra matting. The floor hasn’t got any movement in it.
  17. S

    bal rapid set flexi fibre onto ply.........

    prime or not ? the bag says no and so does the fact sheet but it just seems odd to me as up untill now ive been using topps own flexi with sbr on ply
  18. M

    12mm Ply + Cement board + Tiles on stud wall

    Do you think, from floor to ceiling, 12mm thick plywood plus 12mm thick cement board (e.g. Hardiebacker type board or similar) plus metro tiles is a tolerable weight to be attached to timber stud? Wall would be 1 metre wide by 2.3 metre high
  19. B

    No more ply and wet system UFH sat within joists - efficiency concerns...

    Apologies this is so long winded, but hopefully you're an understanding bunch & you'll stick with the novel and provide a straight opinion on this. I'm a competent DIY'er (ex-spark), but it's a while since I've done any DIY tiling at home. I'm now re-doing the kitchen floor/walls in a 1960’s...
  20. G

    No more ply - Priming

    Hi, I'm installing my bathroom. I've used No More Ply around the shower area walls and on the whole floor. The instructions say to prime it with their SBR primer to waterproof the boards. I have bought Mapei Rapid Set Flexi to tile the walls and floor. The instructions on this say I must use...
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