1. Lakey

    I need a smaller cutter

    Chaps I have a Sigma 3B4M Max which fits most of the work I do however was looking for something to cut smaller format tiles, metros, splashbacks, up to 300s I guess. Any recommendations?
  2. Balloo

    New mosiac tile cutter review

  3. J

    Manual tile cutter needed

    Aye up people. I’m new here so looking for advice. I have a few full bathrooms lined up and 3 of them have 600x600 porcelain tiles. I also have to tile to a linear drain so will have a few diagonal cuts. My trusted old manual Bosch cutter got bent so I now need a new one. Has any ever used the...
  4. F

    Stand for manual cutter?

    I was wondering what you all use as a stand for your snap cutters. Atm I'm using saw horses with a ply board. But it's too big for most spaces inside. I wondered if a mitre saw stand would work? I'm actually surprised company's like rubi and sigma dont make stands for the premium cutters...
  5. F

    Choosing a Rubi manual cutter... confused

    I'm looking at a nice manual cutter from rubi. I'm set on a rubi as their parts are easy to get here and I just cant get used to pull to score cutters Haha. I want something that'll cut a 700mm porcelain tile without feeling really stressed. Rarely cut bigger than that. And that has a nice...
  6. C

    For Sale Rubi TZ-850 manual tile cutter / splitter £420

    Rubi TZ-850 Manual Tile Cutter. Condition is used only for one domestic floor tiling job, so is in excellent condition. Brilliant tool that effortlessly split my 600x600 porcelain tiles every time. I have the purchase invoice for proof of purchase. These now retail for approx £600. Cash on...
  7. wrighty

    Sigma 1200mm+ Cutter

    Help needed folks! Just found out that a job I have booked in Wednesday,the customer has choosen 1200m x 600mm tiles and I only have a Sigma 3dm(900mm) So,can anyone suggest a supplier that could get a Sigma cutter to me for Wednesday(Tradetiler and @Pro Tiler Tools are showing out of stock)
  8. 3_fall

    Sigma 12E XL 245cm cutter, first impression & trial.

    So as a couple of you may be aware, @Simon Dale his daughter Katrina, and myself are on a project at the Teardrop centre Swanley for Trimline. Half a dozen rooms in a Florim 1800 x 800 x 12mm, which if you haven’t experienced before is like trying to cut Heather Browns with a pencil scribe...
  9. Balloo

    Sigma serie xl 245 tile cutter

    Hi guys has anyone bought one of these machines, if so id love to get some feed on how good they are as a monster cutter
  10. C

    My 1st Job which adhesive and cutter?

    We've got some nice looking porcelain tiles, made by foshan viewgres. They're 600x400. My husband bought these from Topps Tiles some years ago but unfortunately got sick before he could use them. He's not got better so I'm taking the job on myself. I'm not actually bad at DIY but I've not tiled...
  11. M83T

    Which manual tile cutter?

    Hi just starting out in the world of tiling just finished a two weekend course and looking to start doing a few little jobs for myself. Just looking for recommendations for a manual tile cutter. Happy to spend a couple hundred £ or less want something that is a good starter cutter but one that...
  12. acaciaguy

    Small manual cutter for metro tiles

    I’m doing more and more and don’t want to keep carrying around my big sigma. Any suggestions
  13. Lakey

    Cutting Hole Cutter Recommendations

    Chaps Looking to invest in a new set of hole cutters. I previously had the Marcrist Wet drill kit which has served me well. I'm after preferably a dry kit to include 6mm, 8mm, 32mm & 40mm as well as a hole size enlarger bit. Anything else i'm missing? Cheers
  14. M

    Looking for cutter for hard Porcelain tiles that actually works

    Can anybody recommend a cutter that will produce very good edge cuts on 10mm very hard porcelain tiles (Peronda from Spain). The cuts will be visable and therefore need to be clean, straight and unchipped. I have several hundred straightish cuts to do and about 20 corner/curve/awkward one's as...
  15. antonio

    Tile Cutter Reviews THE TILE CUTTER (my opinion)

    the tile cutter, here everyone wants to know which brand is the best. but are we sure that a brand is enough to solve everything? as we all know, every day we come across different tiles, a hard, soft, big, small, long etc. if I think about it, it would need a different tile cutter every day...
  16. Nic_P74

    New dry cutter advice.

    I know the question of the “best tile cutter comes up. A lot! I need a new cutter as somebody “borrowed” mine (without asking) and now they cannot find it. Size wise I will probably go for a 700 as will cover most work. Anything bigger I will “borrow” my brothers. Most people seem to recommend...
  17. M

    need help choosing a tile cutting system

    as we all know tiles are getting even larger I only fit domestics, but even so 600 by 300 seems like an off cut now I use sigma , and my biggest cutter is the 900 whichis manageable,anything bigger and ill need a bigger van I need a rail system , or is it feasible to grind the longer tiles pros...
  18. antonio

    Sigma new discovery (for me)...

    yesterday I discovered what the titanium engraving wheel is for of my sigma (the gold color). I'm doing 30x60 polished 12mm, with lots of frosting and very hard support. with the normal wheel it was hard, every three cuts I had to take the grinder and trimming. I remembered having a titanium...
  19. Bopster

    900mm cutter/wet saw

    Looking for recommendations for the Job I’m doing in a fortnight as theyve just told me the tiles will 450 x 900 & 150 x 900 porc. I’m goimg to need something suitable for cutting. Biggest manual cutter I have is 750mm and a 600mm bridge saw I know I could use my grinder but I feel the need for...
  20. S

    Tile cutter recommendation

    Hi. Whats best rubi model for manual cutter please and where to buy. Thanks
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