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JOTM Test Competition - Come Play Here!

    1. DSC_0003.JPG

      Geo terrace

      fixed with weber levelled and...

      hmtiling 1 5
    2. WP_20161008_12_57_39_Rich.jpg

      Stone Kitchen Floor

      [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] This is...

      JulianSidney 2 2
    3. IMG_3399.JPG

      Marble en suite.

      Some real tiles. Using Marble. Not...

      Localtiler 3 1
    4. IMG_20170320_153527.jpg

      Lombard terracotta

      the story here :)...

      antonio 4 1
    5. IMG_8087.JPG


      this is a new bookmatch sent for...

      3_fall 5 0
    6. IMG_0109.JPG


      No description

      callatiler 0
    7. 20170323_130643.jpg


      No description

      Benn Simmonds 0
    8. IMG_2192.JPG


      Labour only job where other...

      Adey1980 0
    9. 20170323_134215.jpg

      Metro tiles mitred

      To say this was time consuming and a...

      dynamictiling 0
  • The JOTM Competition is back. We have a whole new system for it. Same kinda rules though. And we'll work on getting you all some free stuff from sponsors and other companies within the industry.

    This particular test competition is for you guys to practice uploading to the system. And then we will do some voting next week too. So you can all see how it works. :)

    Testing the Job Of The Month Competition System

    This JOTM Competition is just a test. We set this up so that you can test uploading to the competition system, and also test voting on the competition entries. Nobody will win anything for this test system.

    How To Enter and How To Vote

    Test by uploading some images, doesn't have to be of tiling work, and then vote on somebody else's job to test that too. You upload on THIS page by clicking Post New Contest Entry. And you vote on THIS page by clicking a Thumbs Up icon on the entry you wish to vote on.

    The Next Live JOTM Competition

    The next live competition starts on 1st April 2017 and can be entered HERE. There will be some handy prizes including a £30 Amazon giftcard, and a goodie bag from Mapei.

    * NB
    Nobody will win anything should they win this test example competition here. The first live competition can be entered into in April, and voted for in May. The winner will be announced on 22nd May, and they will be the first winners this year to win prizes.

    There will only be one winner. And at the end of the year we will take all 12 entries and let people vote on Job Of The Year.

    Read about the previous contents HERE.

    We'll be making sure that we are working to get you guys the best
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