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Forum Rules Tiling Forum Rules and Terms. Please make sure you check back and read these often. We reserve the right to change the rules without notice. And they're work in progress as the minute., the UK's largest tile advice and tiling forum, has come a long way since it began in April 2006. We've put in place some new rules, so please get familiarised with them.

1. Advertising


  • 1.1 Companies Advertising: Companies are allowed to advertise their business by way of using a signature link (see rules for signatures below) and then simply provide content including advice to fellow members. Friends of the forum who provide lot of advice may link in threads from time to time where it helps a member. Any links in threads directing members away from the forum are usually not allowed.
  • 1.2 Tilers Advertising: We allow tilers to advertise their business in many ways on the forum. Signatures, promotion of their work by way of using picture galleries or the various forum categories and threads. We don't mind this at all.
  • 1.3 Member Support Accounts: Companies who wish to have a free 'Member Support Account' (MSA) are welcome to use one. They can use a signature and avatar and profile picture that's branded. They, like with rule 1.1, cannot link away from the forum in threads when it's to their own company websites and are generally just using that method as way to generate traffic or phone calls and whatnot. Friends of the forum who have posted a lot of decent content over a period of time have this rule relaxed. After all, if you've given to the forum over the years, we don't mind you sharing the traffic. MSA's are allowed to post new threads in the Tile News forum. This area is for Press Releases or promotion of training days or just somewhere to post general news about a product etc.
  • 1.4 Forum Sponsors: These guys foot the forum bill. They're allowed to post links in threads anywhere, link away from the forum as much as they wish, promote products in new threads or replies to existing threads, and can use avatars, signature links and images etc. They also get mentioned from time to time in forum emails, and announced when they come on board. They also get their company banners in the forum sidebar, footer, and in a forum category most suited to their business providing one is available and not cluttered. Sponsors are welcome to directly message members who have expressed an interest in their products.

2. Forum Signatures



  • 2.1 Signatures: All members signatures (apart from sponsors) need to be inkeeping with the general forum theme. We don't allow too many links, or lines of text, or colours and text sizes. it just takes the eyes away from the content in a thread when it's crowded. And the content is what visitors come here for.

3. Data on the Forum



  • 3.1 Cookies: see our cookie policy here, we don't just eat them: Cookie Usage
  • 3.2 Private Messages: Are private and will never be read.
  • 3.3 Removed Accounts: If in the unlikely event a forum account gets removed from the forum, the username may be changed and all content contributed by that account is then marked as if posted by the new member name. This is to keep threads and posts on the forum in-context. The person who originally posted the content is welcome to request individual threads or posts to be removed that contain any copyrighted images or personal details etc.
  • Website Hosting: does not provide website hosting for members, or at all for that matter. And neither does its parent company, Untold Developments Ltd.

4. Posts and Threads



  • 4.1 Be Nice: Be nice to others, no matter what their background in tiling or reason for being here is. Newbies and time-served need to get along. Abusive content, or swearing, is not allowed and such content will be removed.
  • 4.2 Don't heavily link off the website, if you can, copy snippets of the content you wish to link to and insert that into your post/thread.
  • 4.3 Don't create posts just to advertise something. Don't create polls to advertise something.


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