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Tiler in County Durham

Tiler in County Durham, Tiler in Newton Aycliffe, Darlington and Durham City

Tiler in County Durham, Tiler in Newton Aycliffe, Darlington and Durham City. David Howe Tiling. The professional wall and floor tiler with more than 25 years experience in the tile industry in the UK.

Tiler in County Durham
Tiler in County Durham

Wall and Floor Tiler County Durham

  • Professional Wall and Floor Tiler County Durham
  • Travertine, Quartz, Limestone, Sandstone, Marble and all other traditional wall and floor tilers installed
  • Large-format wall and floor tiles fitted professionally, these are very specialist, often glass-based porcelain tiles, that require extremely large tile cutters (often glass style cutters)
  • Free consultation service provided
  • Tile Adhesive and Grout discounts 100% passed onto the customer

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Visit Tiler in County Durham today and read more about their interesting previous tiling jobs they’ve carried out over the years. With more than 25 years experience there are quite a few jobs to look through on their tiling website.

Tiler in County Durham including:-

  • Tiler in County Durham
  • Tiler in Newton Aycliffe
  • Tiler in Durham City
  • Tiler in Darlington
  • Other areas in County Durham are always considered

Call for a free consultation. During COVID we are working incredibly secure. Repairs are considered essential works during the most severe lockdown. And bathroom redecoration and upgrades are considered safe during more relaxed lockdowns. Please enquire with us to find the latest guidance in your area.

Tiling Courses Wales

Tiling Courses in Wales

For tiling courses in Wales then look no further than our friends over at Expert Tiling Courses UK.

For fast-tracked tiling courses in Wales then consider Henry and his team at Expert Tiling Courses UK . The two tutors there have a combined industry experience of over 30 years! That is a fair few kitchen floors tiled! They have tiling courses in Wales ranging from 1 week to 3 weeks in length. Their courses are aimed at people who want to become a self employed Tiler in the domestic industry.

Expert Tiling Courses UK are based in Newport in South Wales. They run tiling courses in Wales at their dedicated training centre which is conveniently located near J28 of the M4. Their centre has plenty of free parking and there are even a few hotels nearby that you can stay at. Expert Tiling Courses UK will even help you book one! Now that’s service!

Free Rated Traders | Find a Tiler

Find a Tiler | Find local trusted tilers for free

Find a Tiler with our new website that we’re working on. It’s in Beta stages right now, we have some test listings on it.

If you’re a friend of Tilers Forums then you’ll know that over the years we’ve attempted to do this a few times and although some worked for a bit, most didn’t. And they didn’t have the facilities needed to make a really nice website that was useable.

Our Old Find a Tiler Website; Find Trusted Tradesmen

We started off years ago with (a domain we gave up years ago as it got spammed heavily and lost it’s dominance in its category). A yellow directory website, similar to Yellow Pages site, it listed tilers and plumbers by category and you searched that category for your area.

Couldn’t Find Trusted Tradesmen

Very clunky. Not easy to use. Didn’t work on mobiles (although mobiles were terrible, iPhones didn’t exist back then so you had the Microsoft type phones if you even had one, and it was more of a PDA than a phone. Like a tiny laptop that was slow.

Free Rated Traders to Find a Tiler Local to You Fast and Easy – and FREE!

Find a Tiler with Ratings and Reviews that are Genuine and Vetted by Peers!

We have this website now that we’ve had behind the scenes for a while. We’re running it through some more testing. And have a few dummy listings on it right now. Then we’ll be working on the Trusted Advisors on all our forums first. Then we’ll let it go out to all other people who want to get a listing, all for free.

Hopefully we’ll start cutting into the market share that MyBuilder, CheckaTrade, RatedPeople and all the others that either charge the customer / homeowner, or charge the contractor / tiler – which means either way that money is being paid in some sense by the customer (and being charged on their job in some way by the tradesperson).

Find Local Tilers on Tilers Forums has been running since 2006 and has the largest database of wall and floor tilers in the UK. You can post a thread on the forum for free, and allow professional tilers to contact you via the forum. Each tiler will have a searchable profile on the forum where you can see tiling advice they’ve provided to fellow peers.

Click here to visit

Free Rated Traders by Ekthetikos.

Not sure we’ll make a massive dent with Free Rated Traders. But why are people still paying for services like these that can be free! Not sure. Perhaps we’ll find out soon enough when we’re struggling for a budget. Maybe we’ll need investors at some point then to take it to the next level.

Find Your Local Traders:-

Some of our friends.

Free Rated Traders | Find a Tiler

UK Tiling Forum is Awesome and hits Number One

UK Tiling Forum is for Professional and DIY Wall and Floor Tilers in the UK. Our tiling forum is more than just an advice website with a one-off answer to a one-off tiling question.

Our UK Tiling Forum is a community that provides tiling education and tiling courses to those who are in need of learning how to tile properly to a professional tiling standard.

Who’s UK Tiling Forum Rocks?

Our UK Tiling Forum rocks.

UK Tiling Forum for all things to do with the UK Tiling
UK Tiling Courses – Tiling courses for the United Kingdom is the World’s largest wall and floor tiling advice community. Whether a Tiling Forum Facebook Community Group or Page, a Twitter Tiling Forum Account, a Google Places Tiling Forum Page; is still number one.

Started in 2006 was not the first tiling forum online. The founder actually created another website,, first. That website was created as part of a much wider business model whereby trainee wall and floor tilers who paid to learn how to tile would visit the forum after attending the course to ask and answer tiling questions.

Once one tiling question was answered, all other tiling questions of the same nature would be directed to the forum thread, therefore the answer, and the phone calls to the tiling training centre would minimise.

How One Tiling Training Centre Became A Whole Tile Industry After A Few Months, Not Years

Before a Wall and Floor Tiler could get advice for free online one would have few options. One could register to a local college tiling courses, and hope a placement became available that suited ones time schedule.

Often, tiling courses were provided during 9-5 hours at best, 9-3 (school hours) otherwise. And during the working week, so Monday to Friday.

Independent Tiling Training Centres Teaching Independent Tiling Courses to Trainee Wall and Floor Tilers

There becomes the issue.

A person who is already in work, therefore work-driven, is unable to carry out training within their working schedule.

A training centre was required that fitted within that model.

This soon became a bit of a standard.

The first independent tiling training centre that wasn’t part of an adhesive manufacturer was setup by the guy who set up BAL’s training centre many years prior.

I happened to work for the guy as a tiler at the time and he explained that this training centre thing might be viable. I built a website for it that ranked well. We built the centre in units. And took course bookings for a weekly fee. About 16 tilers per course.

A massive industry was then made through very similar structures and they all do well. People need these courses. And forums are good places for the trainees to attend after the courses.

About Tilers Forums

Other UK Trades Forum include and our Talk Electrician Forum is

Our tile adhesives need to be more suitable and often quite flexible compared to the ‘mud’ you’d see mixed in Canada and USA. has helped thousands of members with hundreds of thousands of jobs over the years. And though some other forums come and go from time to time, we tend to beat them all off in the end.

This thread tells you more.

UK Tiling Forum Update 27th March 2021

Just some rankings to show you what’s going on.

Searching for a UK Tiling Forum?
Searching for a UK Tiling Forum?
Smashing it for Wall and Floor Tiling Advice
Smashing it for Wall and Floor Tiling Advice. 🙂 There are some other forums knocking around now, but not many of them get the gist.