NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling

NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling is the standard in Tiling Courses. Below are a few common questions and answers regarding the NVQ in Tiling.

Can I find the NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling at my local College?

Probably not no. But it is worth trying. There is no actual list of tiling courses at colleges, whether NVQ or not. But check your local college, but also check independent training centres too.

Can I get the NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling via OSAT (On Site Assessment Training)?

Yes, if you’re already working as a wall and floor tiler, or have a placement with a tiling company, then you can use your tiling work to complete your NVQ files to an NVQ Assessors standard, and then complete your NVQ that way.

Do I need an NVQ to actually tile in customers houses?

No, not at all. Domestic tiling doesn’t require you to have an NVQ in Tiling. You can actually just print off business cards and call yourself a tiler with no formal experience or training. (Which is a problem for sure!) But that isn’t advised.

Make sure you complete some form of training because trading standards can still come knocking if you’re carrying out poor unsafe works in the domestic setting.

Should I just look for a local tiling course instead of looking for an NVQ?

Most do. You can attend short courses with independent training centres who show you how to tile to a good standard, show you some business advice, marketing advice, get you some discounts on your first tools and that kind of thing. Then go practice on your own home and friends and family. Then advertise as a tiler, take all calls no matter what the jobs, but then the jobs that are too big for you, pass onto another tiler providing you can labour for them and gain some tiling skills. This relationship would work dividends down the line when you need two tilers on a job one day.

At that point could I gain an NVQ?

Doing it this way you’d be able to go via the OSAT route. You’d just need an assessor to come out and assess you periodically to complete your tiling portfolio.

NVQ Course Feedback and Training Information

  • Please always do your research before committing to any type of trades training courses. Whether it’s tiling courses, electrical courses, plumbing courses, whatever.
  • Pay on credit card where you need to make payments before you attend.
  • Speak to previous course trainees to see if it worked for them and whether they managed to actually get into the trade via the same route you did.
  • Be wary when a ‘College’ or training centre has a sales push on you. Those won’t be legitimate training centres. Legitimate training centres don’t force you to take out finance for their training, don’t make you sign lengthy contracts, and don’t use salesmen on commission.

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