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timeless john
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Mar 19, 2019 at 11:26 PM
Feb 21, 2009
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North East England
Wall and floor tiling contractor

timeless john

Moderator - trainee, from North East England

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Mar 19, 2019 at 11:26 PM
    1. timeless john
      timeless john
      1) Good morning all tilers not working on this sunny morning.
      Just joined Tilers forum 15 mins ago and this is my introduction message.
      Having been in tiling for 39years from sand and cement to flexible adhesives I may have a little bit of experience to pass on.
      Create something you are proud of, do it right and you'll do it only once!
      In the immortal words of that great american wall and floor tiler KEVIN COSTNER if you tile it (right) they will come.

      2) 3 years and 6000 posts later - you cannot keep everyone happy all the time and you cannot say everything you would like to say - but I'am a great believer in you only get out what you put in!
      It's a friendly place to be and a great place to learn - but don't run before you walk.
      Enjoy this great trade and it will repay you with a continuity of work.

      Timeless John.
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      2. Dan
        Wow. 6 years ago this was.
        May 22, 2015
      3. timeless john
        timeless john
        And I'am still here - enjoying it more and more - this has to be the best trade possible .
        May 22, 2015
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    Home Page:
    North East England
    Wall and floor tiling contractor
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    Victorian geometric tiling
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    45 years man & boy
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    Traditional apprentiship on site
    Anything I can badly sing along with
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    Toyota Estima as old as me!


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