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Mar 11, 2018
Oct 5, 2009
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Liverpool, United Kingdom
Owner, I restore Victorian tile floors = Encaustic


Professional Tiler, from Liverpool, United Kingdom

Professional Tiler JOTM Winner
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Mar 11, 2018
    1. Tenchman
      Hi Alby, i'll pm the ones in the other group and ask them to leave and switch to yours. then we ask each of them about meeting. my wife who likes having biggish parties say's if we get stuck we can use our house. biggest she catered for was 80 and i know we won't get that many.
      Not saying that is what we should do but it is an option. thing is most of the groups are one man bands so no-one gets to have a xmas do. which is lousy really. anyway i'll pm the ones in the other group and see if we can join up ok ?
    2. albyshellshear
      well up for meeting mate thats what it was all about to start with dont know how to merge but no use having 2 n\w groups
    3. albyshellshear
      yes I think a merge would be fine
    4. Aston
      sent you a pm steve :thumbsup:
    5. Tenchman
      Thanks Tommy !
    6. tommyzooom
      Some fantastic work Tenchman
    7. Tenchman
      Hi Jon, i'd say yes just not been at home until late ,i've looked their are pretty close matches will need to pour them into a bucket and wash them to check properly for colour match. send close up pics for colour but 90% certain these will be good. cheers Steve
    8. brinkley
      Any luck with the mosaics desperado for them let me know cheers jon
    9. Tenchman
      Thanks Doug i get a bit carried away if you leave me with tiles i cut them into geo shapes
    10. doug boardley
      doug boardley
      Some really class looking work in your albums tenchman
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  • About

    Home Page:
    Liverpool, United Kingdom
    Owner, I restore Victorian tile floors = Encaustic
    Tiling for?:
    36 years
    Where did you learn the trade?:
    Heavy rock/some goth/then it goes from celtic music to gregorian chant so wide spread
    Van / Car:
    Warrior pick-up
    had own business for over 27 years

    Same as My Activities Martial arts, Going Out With Friends, Going Out for Dinner, Reading Books, Bon

    Signature [email protected] :rockon: Quote from Cyril Carter Poole Dorset approx 1930ish " As it may be said with truth that a tile is not a tile until it is in position"
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