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Dec 16, 2017 at 10:07 PM
Oct 27, 2007
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high wycombe


Trusted Advisor, from high wycombe

Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler
pjc was last seen:
Dec 16, 2017 at 10:07 PM
    1. gazmcd72
      Hi Pete just rejoined from forgetting my password and user name worked in high Wycombe a few years ago on the new NEXT next to the park and ride
    2. Simmo35
      hi pete just an update. im doing well with the nvq i've got to modules left to do them i think thats it and i have my nvq. they still have funding i past a friend over to him too last week.
    3. Simmo35
      Yes all is fine. I have to wait till bank holidays are all over, but it looks Like he can do it for free. Thank will keep u posted
    4. pjc
      sorry Liz been working just found your message hope you are keeping well

      Regards Pete
    5. GirlRacerRed
      Pete, do I bet right that you're somewhere hot and sunny today?
    6. brian c
      brian c
      hi Pete,just got a little bored with the forums m8 and i didnt have any work at all,so i put a taxi on yhe road and it has gotten me bye.Tiling has picked up again,so i am doing both jobs at the minute but trying not to burn myself out.Hows things with you?
    7. Daz
      LMAO. The clutch gave out on the wifes Lexus so I lost a day sorting that out for her. I've been working all weekend on an en-suite so will probably start boarding my en-suite on Tuesday.
    8. Daz
      Good mate. How's life with you?
    9. pjc
      Allsop LLP Commercial Online Catalogue - Auction Home

      Thanks for that Liz

      Regads Pete
    10. GirlRacerRed
      If he gets it at a good price it wouldn't be so bad, but that end of town is a bit run down at the moment. Not sure of clientele either ;) I'm doing very well Pete, keeping out of mischief :smilewinkgrin:
    11. pjc
      mate of mine was asking if i knew it his looking at investment properties i have never worked in stoke anyway how are you nowdays hope you are keeping well
    12. GirlRacerRed
      Pete, to be honest, I didn't know there was a pub called the Globe there! But that's walking distance from my house. Why do you want to know?
    13. GirlRacerRed
      Pete! Alan has made reference to you "working" together. I do hope you're doing the supervising and Alan's doing the working ;)
    14. GirlRacerRed
      has all your snow gone yet pete? :)
    15. DHTiling
      Who is..?..
    16. DHTiling
      aaahh right i
    17. DHTiling
      You have lost me pete..who.?
    18. GirlRacerRed
      pool-side again today Pete? ;) enjoy x
    19. Stan001
    20. DHTiling
      maybe if you put free to good home or summit then that would have been ok...

      I shall alter the post and put it back up...
    21. harry
      Hi Peter, as you do so much floor work I wanted to know do you use floor spacers or do you wk off chalk lines / ( it would be good to see you setting out one of those large floors ) also would you mind briefly explaining the correct way to tile steps / stairs, thanks Harry..
    22. pjc
      ok mate ring when i get back regards pete
    23. foxman
      Hi pete, Mick here, really interested to do the job in Dundee just waiting for the other tiler who would hopefully be comming with me on the job to ring me soon as he does ill mail you with more information P.S if you want you can check my web site out and some of my work on www.washington and then go on to ALL ABOUT TILES web site, Cheers Pete
    24. DHTiling
      Cheers pete ..your a star...
    25. brian c
      brian c
      hi mate ,hope you are well.Not aCHATTED FOR A WHILE.
    26. Highlander
      looks good mate and i registered
    27. brian c
      brian c
      looks good,i will keep you in mind whats the carriage to Glasgow.
    28. brian c
      brian c
      pete,i couldnt open it m8 for some reason.
    29. Highlander
      Your link aint working mate LOL
    30. pjc
      best thing since sliced bread use lots of it if you want to know more about it pm me and i will give u my number :pete
    31. tilertraining
      How do. Dave told me you use pecilastic. What do you think of it?
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    high wycombe
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    33 years
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    self taught
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    VW Transporter


    07860 887 077
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