Tiler in County Durham

Tiler in County Durham, Tiler in Newton Aycliffe, Darlington and Durham City

Tiler in County Durham, Tiler in Newton Aycliffe, Darlington and Durham City. David Howe Tiling. The professional wall and floor tiler with more than 25 years experience in the tile industry in the UK.

Tiler in County Durham
Tiler in County Durham

Wall and Floor Tiler County Durham

  • Professional Wall and Floor Tiler County Durham
  • Travertine, Quartz, Limestone, Sandstone, Marble and all other traditional wall and floor tilers installed
  • Large-format wall and floor tiles fitted professionally, these are very specialist, often glass-based porcelain tiles, that require extremely large tile cutters (often glass style cutters)
  • Free consultation service provided
  • Tile Adhesive and Grout discounts 100% passed onto the customer

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Visit Tiler in County Durham today and read more about their interesting previous tiling jobs they’ve carried out over the years. With more than 25 years experience there are quite a few jobs to look through on their tiling website.

Tiler in County Durham including:-

  • Tiler in County Durham
  • Tiler in Newton Aycliffe
  • Tiler in Durham City
  • Tiler in Darlington
  • Other areas in County Durham are always considered

Call for a free consultation. During COVID we are working incredibly secure. Repairs are considered essential works during the most severe lockdown. And bathroom redecoration and upgrades are considered safe during more relaxed lockdowns. Please enquire with us to find the latest guidance in your area.

Free Rated Traders | Find a Tiler

Find a Tiler | Find local trusted tilers for free

Find a Tiler with our new website that we’re working on. It’s in Beta stages right now, we have some test listings on it.

If you’re a friend of Tilers Forums then you’ll know that over the years we’ve attempted to do this a few times and although some worked for a bit, most didn’t. And they didn’t have the facilities needed to make a really nice website that was useable.

Our Old Find a Tiler Website; Find Trusted Tradesmen

We started off years ago with FindTrustedTradesmen.co.uk (a domain we gave up years ago as it got spammed heavily and lost it’s dominance in its category). A yellow directory website, similar to Yellow Pages site, it listed tilers and plumbers by category and you searched that category for your area.

Couldn’t Find Trusted Tradesmen

Very clunky. Not easy to use. Didn’t work on mobiles (although mobiles were terrible, iPhones didn’t exist back then so you had the Microsoft type phones if you even had one, and it was more of a PDA than a phone. Like a tiny laptop that was slow.

Free Rated Traders to Find a Tiler Local to You Fast and Easy – and FREE!

Find a Tiler with Ratings and Reviews that are Genuine and Vetted by Peers!

We have this website now that we’ve had behind the scenes for a while. We’re running it through some more testing. And have a few dummy listings on it right now. Then we’ll be working on the Trusted Advisors on all our forums first. Then we’ll let it go out to all other people who want to get a listing, all for free.

Hopefully we’ll start cutting into the market share that MyBuilder, CheckaTrade, RatedPeople and all the others that either charge the customer / homeowner, or charge the contractor / tiler – which means either way that money is being paid in some sense by the customer (and being charged on their job in some way by the tradesperson).

Find Local Tilers on Tilers Forums

TilersForums.com has been running since 2006 and has the largest database of wall and floor tilers in the UK. You can post a thread on the forum for free, and allow professional tilers to contact you via the forum. Each tiler will have a searchable profile on the forum where you can see tiling advice they’ve provided to fellow peers.

Click here to visit TilersForums.com

Free Rated Traders by Ekthetikos.

Not sure we’ll make a massive dent with Free Rated Traders. But why are people still paying for services like these that can be free! Not sure. Perhaps we’ll find out soon enough when we’re struggling for a budget. Maybe we’ll need investors at some point then to take it to the next level.


Find Your Local Traders:-

Some of our friends.

UK Tiling Forum Goes Global

How Much Do Tilers Charge?

What’s the going rate for wall and floor tilers? How much do tilers charge? And do they charge per job, charge per day, or charge per square meter?

We asked our forum members on TilersForums.com and found that we had a massive response from actual genuine wall and floor tilers right across the UK.

Do Tilers Charge Different Prices for Walls than Floors? Or Different Tile Sizes?

We found our thread got just over 295 replies when we asked them. We found that a lot of tilers will charge per job if it’s a domestic bathroom or kitchen or floor.

But then if it’s commercial they’ll get paid per meter as that’s what the company employing them will request in most cases.

Then if it’s a small job, perhaps a day rate. And the day rates seem to change massively depending on how busy the tiler is, where they’re based, how much competition there is in the area, and what tiles are being used etc.

How Much Do Tilers Charge?
How Much Do Tilers Charge?

How do I find out how much they charge?

Visit the forum and read the thread here.

How do I get a tiling quote from a tiler?

You can post your job to the forum here. It’s free of charge. We don’t charge you or the tiler anything at all for this service. There’s no commission to be paid like with some ‘rate my builder’ and ‘check my builder’ websites.

You can research the tilers who reply to your request via the forum. You can see their profiles, how much activity they’ve had on the forum, which sort of jobs they’ve done in the past, how knowledgeable they are by reading their tiling advice threads etc.

Recent tilers that have created listings on the forum

  • EXPERIENCED TILER All About Building is a small family owned and operated business. We work all across the Macomb County Area, and in many different trade fields. We have a ton of incoming leads for upcoming projects, and we are looking for experienced tile layer to join our team, and help up keep up with […]
  • Good morning all. I hope you are well. I am in need of a tiler ASAP after having a horrendous experience with a couple of tilers. One just said said he was coming and kept calling us saying he was coming but just never showed up. This other guy was a totally different kettle of […]
  • Hi everybody, I've setup the new tilers directory and started to transfer old listings over to it. But it's doing my head in now. So I'll show you how to do it instead. Do it in these stages and you will rank well in search engines. The listings I've done are already ranking one first […]
  • Lou submitted a new resource: A&L Tiling – Tiling services in and around Caerphilly Based in Caerphilly, A&L Tiling offer a professional service for the laying of tiles (including 3D effect), mosaics and natural stone. { "lightbox_close": "Close", "lightbox_next": "Next", "lightbox_previous": "Previous", "lightbox_error": "The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.", "lightbox_start_slideshow": "Start […]
  • Lou submitted a new resource: Julian Sidney Tiling – Tiler in Essex Julian Sidney Tiling covers the Essex and South Suffolk area. I carry out all preparation needed to get the floors and / or walls ready to take the large array of tiles and materials available today. I work closely with Architects, Builders, Interior […]
  • Lou submitted a new resource: Angel Tiling Cheshire – Female tiler in Cheshire I'm Sarah, owner of Angel Tiling. I'm an all female based wall and floor tiling company based in Middlewich, Cheshire. I'm a fully qualified professional Wall and Floor Tiler after spending many years working in children's services. Please feel free to contact […]
  • Lou submitted a new resource: The Naked Tiler – Tiling services in and around Battle, East Sussex and Kent The Naked tiler is a FULLY CLOTHED former chef, turned tiler. Based in Battle, the Naked Tiler is keen to talk to people in Hastings, Bexhill, Battle, Hailsham, Eastbourne, and surrounding areas, who would like to […]
  • Lou submitted a new resource: West Yorkshire Tiling – Tiling services in West Yorkshire West Yorkshire Tiling was formed in 1992 and is a family run specialist tile commercial and domestic contractor who, over the years, have built a reputation on reliability and quality workmanship in ceramic and stone tiling. Our aim is to continue […]
  • Dan submitted a new resource: Stile Tiling – Tiler In Lancashire – Tiler in Burnley, Whalley, Gisburn, Clitheroe & Nelson – Trusted Advisor on TilersForums.com – Tiler in Lancashire Stile Tiling – Tiler In Lancashire Stile Tiling in Lancashire; a member of TilersForums.com since 2014 and quickly became one of a handful of respected Trusted […]
  • Dan submitted a new resource: Andy Coldwell – Tiling Excellence | Tilers in Derbyshire – Providing First class Tiling across Sheffield, Dronfield, Chesterfield and all across Derbyshire Andy Coldwell – Tiling Excellence | Tilers in Derbyshire Providing First class Tiling across Sheffield, Dronfield, Chesterfield and all across Derbyshire One of the most outspoken tilers on […]

UK Tiling Forum

You can find more information on our UK Tiling Forum.

Tile Adhesive - Most used tile adhesive brand

Most Used Tile Adhesive Brands from 2007 to 2019

TilersForums.com has hosted an annual ‘most used tile adhesive brand’ poll for each year from 2007 to 2019, bar 2014 for some reason. We’ve seen some brands come and go in that time. Some changed positions massively, some stayed pretty much the same. There’s a table below showing you which tile adhesive brands were most used each year.

Which tile adhesive brand has won the most?

Mapei is the tile adhesive brand that has won the poll the most. They won in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, and then 2019.

Is this the most used tile adhesive for both professional tilers and DIY tilers?

Well, the forum mostly has professional wall and floor tilers registered. There are DIY tilers included in the totals but the percentage will always be weighted towards professionals. The names of the professionals over the years have mostly been the same, but the DIY tilers will come and go over time.

Which is the most used tile adhesive for 2020?

We’re yet to run this poll. We’ll no doubt blog about it once it’s up and running, and we’ll let members of the forum know about it.

How do I vote on this years tile adhesive poll?

If you’re not registered, head over to the forum and register for free to get involved in the next adhesive poll. We’ll find out together which is the most used tile adhesive brand of 2020.

Is the ‘most used adhesive brand’ different from the ‘best tile adhesive’ to use when tiling?

It can be. The most used literally means we’ve asked people to tell us which adhesive they used most. NOT which adhesive they would have preferred to have used, or they thought was the best for the type of tiling they did mostly in a said year.

If a tile shop local to them does one brand, and they get a lot of customers from that shop, then that could be different to the brand they prefer to use if they have the choice themselves.

What are the adhesive classifications?

Adhesive classifications help specifiers and tilers specify which adhesive is required for a job, depending on the substrate (surface to be tiled) and the tile type that’s going to be used.
– C; Cementitious – Whether C1 (cementitious) or C2 (improved cementitious) – Both powder adhesives. Both you mix with only water.
– D; Dispersion – Either D1 (dispersion of the ‘standard’ strength) or D2 (improved strength dispersion adhesive) classifications. Both are ready-mixed adhesives in a tub. Both cure / set by the water evaporating out of the adhesive. Not recommended for large wall tiles or floors.
– E; Extended open timeE classification adhesive will not start to cure too quickly when spread with a trowel on the substrate. Handy for slower DIY tilers or perhaps commercial tiling jobs with large areas to tile.
– F; Fast setting – so the opposite of classification E classification, F classification is for fast-setting adhesives. Perfect for tiling jobs that need completing quickly. Or perhaps tiling in low temperatures where C or D classified adhesives wont set quick enough.
– S; Improved flexibility S classification adhesive has additives in it that make it flexible. S1 classification is for standard flexible adhesive, and S2 classification is for ultra-flexible adhesive. These are used when tiling to substrates that expand and retract, like plywood for example, or perhaps when using underfloor heating, whether electric under the tiles, or water under the substrate.
– T; Reduced Slip – T classification is for reduced slip tile adhesives. Large tiles require it, heavy tiles require it. Tiling walls with no tile supports of any type is a lot easier when using T classified adhesive.

Ready-mixed (dispersion) or powder, which one do I need?

In nearly all cases when tiling a complete floor or wall, powder adhesive that cures chemically is favoured by most tilers. Whether DIY or professional. But in some cases, like when a small amount of tiles are being used, or perhaps when DIY aren’t too comfortable mixing their own adhesive, or either pro or DIY wish to work slowly and keep putting the lid back on the adhesive, then dispersion (so ready-mixed) is the way to go.

YearMost Used Tile Adhesive
Most used Tile Adhesive brands from 2007 – 2019 / Source: TilersForums.com

How does the Tile Adhesive poll work?

TilersForums.com has held the adhesive poll each year. As it comes to the end of each year we write down all the adhesive brands mentioned in the forum, then create a poll.

We then email out the poll so that members can come and vote. They tend to vote for the brand they used most that year, rather than the brand they preferred. Which is mostly the same, but not always.

Due to their most local tile shop perhaps stocking a brand that wouldn’t be their first choice, but is fine, they will vote for the one they used most, so the one from their most local tile shop perhaps.

Another similar reason for voting for the most used tile adhesive brand rather than their preferred or most trusted adhesive and grout brand is perhaps due to their customers finding the tiles before the tiler, and then the tile shop that the customer found their tiles in has recommended an adhesive brand and the customer has bought and paid for the adhesives already.

What are the names of some of the adhesive manufacturers?

The names of some of the adhesive manufacturers over the years include (but are not limited to):-

  • Tilemaster Adhesive
  • Mapei Adhesive
  • BAL Adhesive
  • Ultra Adhesive
  • Weber Adhesive
  • Kerakoll Adhesive
  • Ardex Adhesive
  • Rocotex Adhesive
  • Palace Adhesive
  • Granfix Adhesive
  • Sovereign Adhesive
  • Dunlop Adhesive
  • Laticrete Adhesive
  • Bostik Adhesive
  • Norcross Adhesive
  • Nicobond Adhesive
  • Larsen Adhesive
  • Isomat Adhesive
  • Biscem Adhesive
  • Profix Adhesive
  • PCI Adhesive
  • Benfer Adhesive
  • Brit Adhesive
  • Python Adhesive
  • Butech Adhesive

Some of the other names might be related to home-brands in tile shops. So there’s a Topps Adhesive and perhaps even a B&Q home-brand, but they’ll nearly always be manufactured by existing adhesive companies and perhaps even the same as their named brands, but with re-branded packaging.

Which adhesive will I use on a tiling course?

Tiling Courses often use….

What are the common types of adhesives?

Dispersion adhesive cures by evaporation. So this is ready mixed in a tub upto 15kg (10ltr) and you can keep putting the lid back on the adhesive during tiling to slow the setting process down to give you enough time to do a wall a day for example.

Powder adhesive cures chemically once water is added. This will be a powder you mix with water, or powder you mix with an additive (to make it very flexible). Once it’s mixed it starts to cure.

So you tend to need to set out for tiling before mixing, make sure you’re ready to use the whole batch, and don’t ever mix more powder or water into the adhesive. You’ll need to throw a slightly cured adhesive away and mix fresh rather than do that.

The Tile Association

Who Are The Tile Association?

The Tile Association (TTA) was set up in January 2000 when a combination of Tiling bodies came together to set up the Association.

Since it was formed twenty years ago it has doubled in size and now has around 1000 members which are tilers, suppliers, shops and more. It is an Association for the whole tiling industry not just tilers themselves.

The headquarters of The Tile Association are in Stone, Staffordshire and the aim of it is to provide a well qualified and very skilled workforce across the tile industry from tilers to retailers and everyone in between. Many of the original members of the TTA board helped to establish the British Standards in tiling and now the TTA members themselves follow those standards.

How Can The Tile Association Help Me?

I am a Tiler.

If you are a tiler then joining the TTA might be something you wish to consider. If you join them there is a membership fee and you will be featured on their directory. You will also have access to seminars and business advice. Their advice is impartial, however you can join TilersForums.com for free and get the same advice from over 6000 tilers and maybe even make a new friend or two.

The Tile Association

I want tiling work doing.

If you or your business need some tiling work doing in your home, office or leisure facility then The Tile Association can also help you too. The TTA has a directory which you can use to find a Tiler that provides the services that you need – whether it is a larger format tiler, mosaic tiler, home tiler and more. Just search the location you are in and Tilers will show up with the skills they have and their contact details.

You can also post on TilersForums.com that you are looking for a tiler and the job you need doing too.

Tiling Courses

Tiling Courses

Tiling Courses can be hard to find locally. Especially well established ones that are tiling-only courses rather than training centres that run all sorts of training courses such as plumbing courses and electrical courses too. Not that all those who run other courses are poor when it comes to running only tiling ones. Some have very established tiling training teachers and have plenty of honest legitimate feedback online. But others over the years have gotten too big too quickly and gone bump after they have taken honest money from trainees that are yet to start any of their course.

Tiling Courses by UK Pro Tiling Training
Tiling Courses by UK Pro Tiling Training

We often say make sure that you go visit as many training centre’s as you can, this way you will find out what they look like, get a feel for whether you’re having a sales-type push on you, and even if you can speak to previous course trainees to see what their view of the training centre is.

Established Tiling Courses Feedback and Reviews

TilersForums.co.uk started in 2006, and a massive advantage to that is we have a lot of training centre feedback over the years and you can see how long some of them have been running and what their past course attendees have said about them.

Tiling Courses and Tiling NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling
UK Pro Tiling Training Previous Course Trainee

Then of course years on, some are running quite decent tiling companies and are still forum members, so you can see which ones worked out for that individual person.

Some Tiling Courses Reviews and Discussion from TilersForums.com

Note that the following forum discussion is just that, open discussion. Don’t take it all as fact. Always do your own research into tiling courses whether independent courses or college tiling courses!

  • Hello tilers, I have just joined the forum, but I’ve been having a snoop for the last 6 months or so admiring the work and expert advice wondering if I could try my hand at it some day! Pleased so say I’ll be attending the UK Pro Tiling Training Centre at the start of next month to do the 13 day course (is anyone else going around the same time?) which will hopefully […]
  • Hi i thought i should leave some feed back regarding north east tiling in tyne and wear as i think credit is due Darren and Tracey run a pretty sleek operation there and are friendly and helpful. the after service in second to none – you can alway ring up and ask a question. they can't provide you with experience that has to be earned but they will give you all the knowledge […]
  • If you've been on any of the Goldtrowel Tiling Courses then please leave feedback and reviews in this thread. Goldtrowel is the UKs No.1 NVQ Centre for Tiling Courses. Our wall and floor tiling courses are designed to give you a good understanding in all areas of tiling whether you are a total beginner or someone who has some knowledge of tiling. It is our responsibility to instill confidence in all that you […]
  • Hi, I am trained as a Bricklayer and have been doing this for about 14 years, I am now looking for a change of career and thinking about tiling. Ideally I would keep doing the bricklaying during the week and start off doing tiling at the weekend until I built up my business enough that I could give up the bricklaying. I am looking to find out what is the best tiling course […]
  • can you go for an nvq or can you get a star warranty as offered by pts in harlow as i spotted in tdays sun newspaper
  • Just completed my 4 week course at the Tiler Training School (which actually crept into 5!) and wanted to give as much positive feedback as I could! What a huge learning curve and I'm now just getting organised to start my own business in the area. So much information and advice given in the time period that my head was spinning for most of it! But Anthony and Stuart were extremely patient and […]
  • Hi lads, I got a mate who wants to do a tiling course in scotland…any ideas? Cheers
  • Hi All New to forum , Looking for tiling courses in Scotland , ( I'm in Glasgow area ) Let me know if you know any Cheers
  • HI there, Can anyone tell me if there are any good quality tiling courses in the south wales area, hopefully in the Newport ,Cardiff area. If not then maybe towards Bristol. Many thanks ANDY.
  • Hi, just joined this forum and like to say very nice stuff on here. I have been tiling on and off for a few years now but due to the current climate i'm looking for something to give an extra bit in my pocket with my spare time so i want to go self employed. I'm aware that an NVQ is or will soon be required to continue in the tiling trade but […]
Checkout the UK Pro Tiling Training feedback and reviews on TilersForums.com

Tiling NVQ Level 2 Wall and Floor Tiling

If you’re looking for a Tiling NVQ, which is called the NVQ Level 2 in Wall and Floor Tiling, then you’ll need to either look for a local college course that runs the Tiling NVQ. Or look for an independent training centre that can help build your personal tiling portfolio, and then help with getting you some onsite assessment via the OSAT route. (more info needed)

Plumbing Courses Top Tips

Plumbing NVQ Courses can be found at local colleges and within private plumbing training centres. But you could do with checking out these plumbing course tips before booking with just anybody.

Electrical Courses Top Tips

Electricians NVQ Courses aren’t hard to find, but good quality courses can be. If you’re looking for an Electrical NVQ of any type, then please do checkout our electricians blog.