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  1. MagsatPark
    Hi I'm a new member searching for some tiles for a customer.
  2. TideGrout
    Working on an online grout colour selection tool.
  3. HardieBacker
    My name is Luke Stratford. Really glad to of finally joined such a great platform to engage with you guys.
  4. theandroids
    theandroids 3_fall
    Hey, do you know where I can get true matt black/unglazed mosaic tiles in the UK?
  5. Simon Dale
    Simon Dale
    Will do anything !!
    BCRLtd. UK is the manufacturer of tiletrim range in PVC, ALUMINIUM & STAINLESS STEEL IN UK
  7. Mario
  8. James0302
    James0302 3_fall
    I was also wondering if you could tell me about the industry, is it flooded, any niche part of the trade I could try out, artistic or something..Im just trying to think outside the box aswell. I live in Essex if you know anything about the trade in my area.
    Thanks in advance.
  9. James0302
    James0302 3_fall
    obviously I realise the best route is through an apprenticeship but due to having a family, that wage wouldn't cut it.Have you any advice for me pal, or any decent courses to get me on my way and learn the basics well. I am willing to go into this 100% and know it will be hard trog at first..
  10. James0302
    James0302 3_fall
    Hey mate, I recently introduced myself in the newbie forum and as ex forces, was pointed in your direction. Basically I left the army and have been working in Iraq for 6 years, I think its time for a normal job at home now and interested in tiling, Im more of a hands on guy and a bit of a perfectionist..
  11. Lakey
    Lakey 3_fall
    Hey mate

    As you have supplied me with a great deal of help in the past I was wondering if you could take a quick a look at my recent post re Kitchen Floor Prep?!
    If you have any pearls of wisdom or at least point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks
  12. Ben tiler
    Ben tiler
    On the job
  13. hwtelford
    hwtelford dave youds
    Did you find any Padova 10 tiles? I'm also looking for some
  14. DanEwen
    Always Learning
  15. Slippery
    Winging it for thirty years
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