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Discussion in 'Tiling Forum' started by lualua, Apr 16, 2017.

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  1. lualua

    lualua New to

    I am looking to tile my kitchen floor but I can't find red gloss floor tiles anywhere. Why do they not exist! Does anyone know where I can find them?
    I love the Red Quartz Tiles but as they are not suitable with UFH I'm not too sure about having them as I would like UFH in the kitchen.
  2. 3_fall

    3_fall Administrator. Staff Member Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler JOTM Winner Top Contributor

    SW London
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  3. NWTiles

    NWTiles Member of Tilers Forums

    Quartz can have UFH fitted to it as long as nothing is placed directly on top of it I.e the cupboards or a fridge so the main areas can be heated.

    To fit the tiles your best using bal PTB with AD1
  4. lualua

    lualua New to

    My heart is now definitely set on the red quartz.
    I'm torn between risking the UFH, as so many websites don't recommend it, and going with insulation boards under the tiles and a good pair of slippers!

    Thanks for your advice, if I could collect some more positive reviews about UFH and red quartz tiles I may be persuaded.

    NWTiles, is it only a certain brand or quality that you would recommend?
  5. Paul C.

    Paul C. Professional Tiler

    There are only a very small handful of quartz factories that will guarantee their products on UFH. These are the conditions..... Not water fed systems, it has to be 150w electric, with 10mm SLC seperating it, then a decoupler, tiles fitted on top with a low water content adhesive (BAL PTB and AD1 above is a good shout) and set to a temp no higher than 27 degrees.

    Hardly seems worth it and personally, I wouldn't want to take the risk, although others have and never had a problem with tiles ending up as curved as a skateboard deck.......... but there's still time!

    Esha Stone is one factory (in India), and they are currently supplying Topps. 92%/8% Quartz to Resin. Get them to confirm suitability for you before you take the plunge!
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