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Discuss Epoxy or Not on overlaid floorboards. in the Tanking and Wetrooms Forum area at

  1. sandman2

    sandman2 Active Member

    Morning all,
    Looking for some advice on an upcoming walk in shower room project,

    1.Can you use epoxy grout on first floor wet room floor area, the floor has floorbords which are solid ,and a jacko board tray cut in ,supported and solid, 6mm hardie on remaing area,there is no movement but some 'normal' vibration , is epoxy only for solid '0' vibration floors? is there an epoxy that can take some vibration/movement. you need to seal tiles (60x30)non slip porcelain (has slight rough textured feel) before epoxy ?
    i was thinking of using fugalite kerakoll

    only used epoxy once before on solid screeded kitchen floor and was fairly easy to use if you go slow and clean,but not sure if epoxy ok to use on suspended floors and textured tiles?
  2. jcrtiling

    jcrtiling Professional Tiler TTA Member Top Contributor

    I not sure about suspended floors as I have been told in the past by certain adhesive company tech guys that tile will crack before grout will . As regards textured tiles you could speak to bal about their pre grout wax tile protector to see if it OK to use with epoxy grout .
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  3. sandman2

    sandman2 Active Member

    Surprising there is not a flexi epoxy on the market yet:(,looks like I'll be safer with standard grout and seal.
  4. impish

    impish Trusted Advisor Professional Tiler Top Contributor

    I Use epoxy frequently on all floors. I've had no problems in ten years. Usual common sense though, if it's too springy for tiles, then it's too springy for epoxy.
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  5. Tilerdurden

    Tilerdurden Professional Tiler Top Contributor

    If it's too springy then some prep is in order....
  6. sandman2

    sandman2 Active Member

    I've decided to remove floorboards and increase noggins and 22mm wbp with hardie fitted with addy and screwed
    Then tile and epoxy
    Probably was the obvious thing to do but never seen epoxy over suspended floor , glad to hear it's normal to use epoxy over suspended floors as long as floor is rock solid .
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