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  1. Handyeire

    Handyeire Active Member

    Handyman builder
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    I'm tiling an ensuite this week, half way up the wall that finishes with a bull nose border. That's fine says I, but something just clicked today when measuring out. I have a very small external corner that's going to need a corner trim on 2 sides. There is also a window that'll need a trim.

    What I'm scratching my head at- what do I do when the top of bead meets the corner of the bull nose border!

    All that I can think of is cut it sq at the top point and fill with either silicone or grout. Would you agree? Or is there any other way around this. You see, the top of the bullnose won't have a bead near it, so no 90degree cuts for the bead.

    All suggestions welcome!

    Edit! Forget to mention the tile store don't have bullnose tile for corners
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2017
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  3. KateJ

    KateJ Active Member

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