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New Profile Posts

  1. TGFarnham
    Tile Giant Farnham
  2. Joe Clinton
    Joe Clinton
    Pro Tiler in Lincoln - Pride and Quality
  3. Brooke Ceramics
    Brooke Ceramics
    We make beautiful tiles and bathrooms affordable.
  4. Simon Edward Almack
  5. Paul Russell
    Paul Russell
    Hey new to this site so please bear with me lol
  6. Royal Tiles
    Royal Tiles
  7. Mark Frost
    Mark Frost
    baby faced tiler
  8. Tilerdurden
    Tilerdurden BUffy
    Hi Buffy. What advice are you looking for?
  9. Jackg46
    Your local mastic man
  10. CJ
    CJ macten
    It's late....and I'm feeling dopey.

    Enlighten me? :)
    1. macten
      Think it's 'cos we've both done work on egg box constructed walls!
      Jun 23, 2017
      CJ likes this.
  11. BUffy
    Renovation job, new bathroom built, need advise on tiling shower please...
  12. Lou
    If you are a Trusted Advisor and you would like an awesome TilersForums hat then please PM me your address details..First come first served!
  13. jf ceramics - tiling
    jf ceramics - tiling
    Hi,my name is Shane - trading as jjf ceramics.based in tenby. 20 years in the tiling trade always looking for new work to build my business
  14. Stephen Corbett
    Stephen Corbett
    Tiling since 1996
  15. Impey Showers
    Impey Showers
  16. wrighty
    wrighty stuey72
    Hi Stuey
    Are you still ok for later on today
  17. Spider0056
    I have been trying for years to stop these emails. Arghh
  18. wrighty
    wrighty stuey72
    Hi Stuey. Is Sigma still for sale?
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    2. wrighty
      Yeah. Where the Military Road meets the A69.
      I will be in white Berlingo or silver Focus.
      My number is 07803038875
      May 22, 2017
    3. stuey72
      No worries, I'll give you a call before I set off on Sunday then.


      May 22, 2017
    4. wrighty
      May 22, 2017
  19. Mark Frost
    Mark Frost
    Youngest looking tiler.
  20. khatratiles
    KHATRA always have solutions for you
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