If you get too many e-mails on the forums, that's a good sign, it means you're using it lots

But should you use it daily and the e-mails get just too much here's how to calm them down, or even stop them.

Thread Subscription

When you post a new thread or reply to a thread you will get an email when somebody replies to it. To fiddle with the settings:
  1. Click here:http://www.tilersforums.co.uk/profil...do=editoptions
  2. Scroll down to 'Messaging & Notification'
  3. Use the drop down box to select the option you would like
  4. Scroll all the way down the page and click 'Save Options'
The options explained (should you need them explaining):
  • Do not subscribe: never subscribes you to a thread. If you use this option, you have to crawl the forums for the topics you were interested in and replied to, it can get boring.
  • No email notification: This is the option I have set. This doesn't email me, but still subscribes me, and I check which threads I'm subscribed to by going to my Options (click 'Your Options' in the top menu for the forums) and then clicking 'List Subscriptions'. I use this as much as I click 'New Posts' in the main menu. As these are the posts I have obviously once been interested in. It's surprising what you forget to reply to.
  • Instant Notification: Probably what you have set currently. It's the forums default setting. This is the cause of the many emails. But the feature is helpful when you're new to the forums and do need a quick reply to a problem you're stuck with.
  • Daily Notification: Send you one notification once a day to inform you of all the threads you need to check.
  • Weekly: And weekly sends you an email weekly with all your topics in it.
The FAQ is a good source for information on the features the forum has, worth a read when you're stuck on a game in the Arcade and need a break.